Bookmark and Stickers: Good Shepherd

Bookmark and Stickers: Good Shepherd

It’s June already! time surely flies so fast. It feels like Christmas was yesterday and now we are all in the sixth month of 2020. 

Due to crazy pandemic, I pray and always wish you all good health and happiness. I know some may feel that they are mentally exhausted for staying at home for too long.  If you feel so, I encourage you to make yourself busy with creative activities at home. It can be anything from drawing to origami making. Basically, creativity has no limit and it will help you to forget about the day and relax your mind. 

As of today, I would love to share something adorable from my creativity during this pandemic. It’s a bookmark and stickers of a Good Shepherd. This illustration hopefully will bring warmth and joy whenever you see it. Get this cute bundle for free!



note: It’s for personal use only. Please read here for more details. 


How to add a border around the picture

For a better result, it’s better to add a border around the picture. The border will guide you to cut the sticker precisely as the original size and it becomes neater. Below is the little steps you can do to add a border using Photoshop. 

  • Open the file and click Image >> Canvas Size

  • Tick the Relative and set the value of width and height as you like it (I put 3 mm). Then, set the canvas extension color to black and click OK.

And…Voila! here you go 🙂 

DIY Cute Boxes

DIY Cute Boxes

Hello again! I hope you are all doing fine and healthy. As of today, I want to share one of my bunch of creations. I am sure it would be pretty interesting for some of you who love paper crafts. It’s DIY cute box :)! 

These boxes are not ordinary as you can see from the shapes and the drawings on it.  It would be wonderful for many purposes. I myself made it from scratch because I’ve once seen a post about cute drawings and I thought it would be so kawaii if I can draw it myself and have it on the boxes. 

You can download the template below for free. You will get a zip file containing 3 .JPG images that you can resize and edit whatever you want. The original and real size from the picture is around 3.2 inches width and I printed it on 200 gsm A4 paper. 


note: It’s for personal use only. Please read here for more details. 

 Tools and Materials

o    200 gsm A4 Paper (customize as you like it)

o    Ruler

o    Scissor

o    Double sided tape


Download and print the template.          

Cut the template with a scissor.

Fold the dashed lines from the back. I use the tip of my scissor to define the line and make it more foldable with the help of a ruler to make my line straight. Note: do it gently 😉

Then, make sure to fold the paper as shown in the picture below.

Next, you can start gluing the flap as shown below with double sided tape or just regular glue. And, your cute box is done!