Binc Bonc is a creative brand that focuses on how creativity can be impactful in our daily life. 

In 2016, Binc Bonc was once a little online shop that sold made-to-order animal sculptures from wools. It was later becoming a channel that shares tutorials about crafts. It’s always great to receive positive feedbacks from my works as they are inspiring. The experiences from the past years allow Binc Bonc to keep creating and sharing something new and creative.

Binc Bonc covers various crafts and believes that everyone can be creative. There should be no boundaries for not being so. As of today, Binc Bonc is a creative community that allows people to learn, create and get inspired by the adorable contents designed and created perfectly only for you. 

Thank you for your never ending support ♥

The Author

Halo! I’m Sofia, the only author of Binc Bonc, living in Bali – the beautiful and exotic island where I make a living from. This island also gives me lots of inspirations from the culture itself to the beauty of nature. I never studied anything about arts or related fields. I majored in Food Technology, which is very not art-related. I found that science is interesting but my love for crafts is greater than science. haha. it’s true! Growing up with my crafty mother allowed me to work and create different stuffs. So, it was about DIYs from the beginning. The passion in this field keeps growing and that’s the major reason why I created Binc Bonc.