Bookmark and Stickers: Good Shepherd

It’s June already! time surely flies so fast. It feels like Christmas was yesterday and now we are all in the sixth month of 2020. 

During the coronavirus pandemic and other chaotic things, I pray and always wish you all good health and happiness. Because I believe some may feel that they are mentally exhausted for staying at home for too long.  If you feel so, I encourage you to make yourself busy with creative activities at home. It can be anything from drawing to making origami. Basically, creativity has no limit and it will help to ease and relax your mind. 

As of today, I would love to share something adorable and warm as the result from my creativity during this pandemic. It’s a bookmark and stickers of a Good Shepherd. This illustration hopefully will bring warmth and joy whenever you see it. Get this cute bundle for free!


note: It’s for personal use only. Please read here for more details. 


How to add a border around the picture

For a better result, it’s better to add a border around the picture. The border will guide you to cut the sticker precisely as the original size and it becomes neater. Below is the little steps you can do to add a border using Photoshop. 

  • Open the file and click Image >> Canvas Size

  • Tick the Relative and set the value of width and height as you like it (I put 3 mm). Then, set the canvas extension color to black and click OK.

And…Voila! here you go 🙂 

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