BTS Pins and Stickers

I am not a big fan of Kpop idols but here is the adorable art I create for BTS fans. It’s BTS printable stickers and BTS pins made of shrink plastic. It’s super adorable and cuteness 100% guaranteed! You can definitely make it at home by yourself.

I offer you the digital file that you can directly print it!

How to make the stickers

  • Prepare the digital file (stickers.jpg) and the sticker paper

  • Set the image quality and paper properties as you want

  • Print it

  • You can use a Cricut to cut the stickers or you can do it manually with a scissor

How to make the pins

  • Prepare the digital file (pin.jpg or pin2.jpg) and a piece of white printable shrink plastic

  • Print it on the shrink plastic. I recommend you to set the color of the drawing lighter than the original color because the color will be darker as the plastic shrinks.

  • Cut the drawing following the lines.

  • Place it in the oven and you can put silicone mat or baking paper under it. If your oven is small like mine, place the drawing one by one other wise it will stick to each other.

Voila! Enjoy the BTS and their cuteness ♥

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