DIY Dragon Plush

Hello! I am back for a new and free pattern. At this time, I want to share how to make this adorable not-so-like a dragon plush. This dragon plush is perfect for Birthday, Mother’s day, and any special day. Moreover, it’s also a gorgeous toy for a baby and you can use safer material for this purpose.

Let me share a little story behind this adorable creature. Whenever I made my plushes, I usually did some trial until I got the perfect pattern for the final result. However, for this dragon plush, I directly made it without any trial with hope that it can at least be good. I noticed something, which is not that perfect for this pattern but I am too lazy to found the culprit behind it. And, I think my dragon plush is still acceptable, isn’t it? haha.

I am very open for any modification on this pattern. It’s up to you to modify and find what suits the most to your liking. Here I am trying to show you how to make it from scratch with hope you get the basic idea. Without further do, let’s make it!

note: It’s for personal use only. Please read here for more details. 

Tools & Materials

  • minky fabric – green, beige, yellow 
  • pen
  • sewing thread
  • regular sewing needle
  • toy stuffing
  • scissor
  • 5 mm eyes 
  • joint discs (shrink plastic + cotter pins)
  • plier
  • core wools
  • felting needle (40 gauge)
  • 2 black seed beads

Watch the video

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